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Website Design and Development

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 Clean, basic web, mobile and desktop app design. Design for speed, structure and ease of use. SEO friendly and feature rich where needed. Content management, ecommerce and more.


Web, mobile and desktop app development, primarily on LAMP. Mobile in Quasar, Vue, Cordova, Unity and Unreal Engine. Can work from scratch or adding to an existing solution.


Page speed and load optimization for sites and servers. Advanced caching, server setup/optimization. Code refactoring, configuration changes and compression.


Secure web apps and servers from various forms of attack. Identify threats in the access logs and configure solutions to deal with them. Enforce a minimum level of security in site features.


Hosting and maintenance for web/mobile apps and servers. Regular checking of logs and updates. Maintaining software versions and security. Fixing small issues.

Debug and Repair

Tracking down odd bugs and errors on large and obscure code bases. Repairing hacker damage. Restoring from backup. Recovering data from corrupted files.

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